Welcome to Planet Bean

Planet Bean has been rather dormant for well over a decade.  I reserved this domain around 17 years ago when we were going to have our first child because the ultrasound he looked like a little bean.  Planet Bean was going to be a place for sharing family photos and such with our out-of-state family.  Facebook came along and killed the need for that.

Here we are approaching two decades and two houses later, I’m fatter, the first born is about to get a drivers license.  Man, time flies.

At this point I’m working on resurrecting Planet Bean for a few of purposes: First, I’m hoping to give a little back to the open source community by posting I’ve learned in my career and personal tech adventures.  Second, I want an outlet for easily recording my thoughts and memories for family events.  Finally, I’m hoping to use it as a form of therapy for venting thoughts on the cluster *#@% that is our US government.

If my tech posts are incorrect or less than the best, sorry, it’s what works for me and I’ll gladly accept criticism.  If my family posts are boring, that’s OK, they are for me.  If the political posts are offensive … not sure what to say there.

Thanks for stopping,